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What is it?

This is an interactive map for the X2 universe.

Why did I make it?
I wanted a map that looked like what was in game. Finding none I decided to make my own, then add some interaction.

What are the features?
- A map that looks similar to the in-game version.
- Listing of races by color coding.
- Zoom the map. *later*
- Factory locations (by sector). *later*
- Item locations (by sector). *possibly / later*
- Show / hide hidden sectors.
- Show / hide fast jump things.
- Save your options. *later*
- Select a sector and jump to it. *possibly / later*
- Same sounds as in game. *possibly / later*
- Different speeds for scrolling.
- Clickable sectors to see detailed info on what's inside. *possibly*

What are the current known bugs?
- The map scrolls quite slow.
This was expected though resolving it will take a bit.

What is it made with?
Macromedia Flash 6.

How can I get it?
Online and downloadable.

What will be the file size?
64.8 kb for the online version (requires Flash 6 plugin).
587 kb for the downloadable version (exported exe, zipped).

What are the requirements?
Ummm. Computer.
If your computer can handle X2 then it can handle this.

Do I need X2: The Threat to use this?
The interactive map has nothing to do with the game itself. You don't need to have the game installed.

When will it be available?
Version 1.0 is available.

How much is complete?
 - Selectable tabs are done.
 - Check boxes and options can be clicked.
 - Map area is moveable.
 - Keyboard arrows can be used to navigate the map.
 - Map has the sector locations and names added.
 - Credit information and Egosoft reference added.

What can I do to help?
Factory locations (sectors only).
Item location (sectors only).
Hull eating nebulae locations (sectors only).

Credit will be given of course.

What languages will there be?
At the moment only English.
If I had help (lots of help) then it could be localized.

Am I getting paid by Egosoft?
Nope. For now this is a volunteer project.

What is with this website?
I made it in two hours. What? You don't like it?

Other / Notes
Changed the Display Options to be Verdana font and added race colors.
Setting for navigating the map removed (jump/scroll).
Center button removed.
Pondering on sounds.
And perhaps some design elements, though that would up the file size.

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